When companies complement each other, a powerful combination can be created. They co-operate, innovate, grow and prosper together. Trade Credebt® successfully navigates the ship and international trade finance markets.

We finance companies with potential up to €10 million.

However, many opportunities occur to provide finance beyond this – up to €50 million.

These are exciting partnership opportunities. In these scenarios, we partner with appropriately skilled, experienced and resourced providers.

We have partner, agent and broker relationships globally.

Partnerships Trade Credebt

Strategic Partnership Opportunities

We partner with organisations with the skills and commitment to succeed. Typically our partners thrive on being the best in their field. They have the experience and resources to fulfil the potential of the opportunities we can provide. These organisations partner with us to provide finance in excess of €10 million.

Types of Strategic Partners

We partner with banks and finance providers globally. These partnerships enable us to provide finance on a larger scale, typically from €10 million to €100 million. For our partners, we provide these opportunities and work closely together to ensure successful outcomes for all parties. Our existing partners include banks, finance providers and marine finance specialists.

Partnerships Trade Credebt
Partnerships Trade Credebt

Benefits of Partnerships

  1.  Consistent channel of potential customers
  2.  Our proven record of successful completions

Contact us for more information. We will respond within 1 working day and arrange a discreet, no-commitment call to discuss the potential.