How it works

We can do everything a bank does, only better (and faster)


Tradecredebt® works with you to finance your business’ potential.

This fast and simple process is driven by you. We follow your instructions and timeline.

How your engagement with Convertibill® works, step-by-step


Every Convertibill® engagement starts with a conversation so we can truly understand your business


The discussion will help us tailor a unique financial solution for you and to do this, we’ll ask you to supply a few documents


Then we issue you with a 1-page provisional RPA offer


Because Convertibill® is different, we’ll walk you through the RPA offer and explain the options available to you


We will help you prepare the documents required to support your application and submit it for you


You select the option that best suits your finance requirement and then you give us permission to proceed


Assuming everything is correct and accurate, you should be trading with us and receiving your finance within a few days

Let’s work together & finance your business potential

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