Mining Finance

Innovation finance encompasses various mechanisms and strategies aimed at funding and facilitating innovative ventures, technologies, and projects. Innovation finance often targets high-risk, high-reward initiatives that may revolutionize industries or address pressing societal challenges. It promotes entrepreneurship, fosters research and development, and accelerates the commercialization of groundbreaking ideas. By bridging financial gaps and mitigating risks, innovation finance fuels progress, drives economic growth, and cultivates a dynamic ecosystem conducive to innovation and creativity.

Mining Briefs

“With 25 years’ experience & no one would fund my business.”

Wood Cargo To China

Having worked for 25 years in the wood industry, this client wanted to open his own business. With years of experience and deep commercial knowledge of every step in the supply chain. His business plan was credible and his growth plans were significant.

To get started, he needed to fund his first shipment to prove the business model. It was frustrating because his Chinese customer was prepared to issue a letter of credit for this first transaction. Trade Credebt® was able to support him with the technical aspects of the deal and provide the finance he needed when no one else would.

"I knew the people. I knew the business, but I couldn't finance the whole trade."

Manganese Ore To India

A city metals trader, with 20 years’ experience in sourcing, buying and selling metals, wanted to ‘go it alone’. Despite all his city connections, no one would support him in buying the manganese ore supply he had negotiated in Africa. Trade Credebt® understood his requirements and became his partner.

"I had the deal done. I had the supply side tied up too. What I really needed was the finance and expertise to deliver it."

Livestock to Libya

This second generation cattle dealer had negotiated a supply contract in Libya. Having negotiated the transaction, he needed to finance the deal and also the industry expertise needed to ship the livestock and process the paperwork. Trade Credebt® brokered a suitable partner and then funded the deal too

"Credebt Innovation helped me in mine acquisition and equipment import"

Mining in South Africa

With a limited time in business this customer contacted Credebt Innovation for a specific mining project. They were looking to purchase a mine, along with the mining equipment. Importing the mining equipment from China, Credebt Innovation allowed the customer to import the machinery as well as providing the finance to purchase the mine and to begin excavation from the mine.

The Engagement Process

After making contact with Credebt Mining®, an appointment will be arranged with a Finance Specialist. Typically, this is a 30 minute call. The Specialist will get a clear understanding of your business and your finance requirements. Afterward your requirements will be summarised in an email. Upon confirmation of our understanding the Specialist will ask for documentation to support your application.

Upon receipt of the requested documentation the Specialist will prepare a proposal for the Trade Desk. If the Trade Desk agrees in principal with the finance being sought, they will issue a Revolving Purchase Agreement [RPA] quotation. This is a single page document.

The RPA is a document that is unique to Credebt Mining®.

A team member will then call you to explain this document in detail. You may then confirm the finance request, submit the online application and begin trading.


Initial Call

30 minute call with finance specialist


Summary of Requirements Email

We email you a Summary of Requirements confirmation


Confirmation of Understanding

You confirm that this is correct. 


Supporting Documents

You supply the supporting documentation for your application.


Trade Desk Review

Trade Desk reviews the proposal.


6. RPA/Term Sheet issued

RPA [Revolving Purchase Agreement], single page term sheet document is issued for your consideration.


RPA Review Call

We call you to go through the RPA in detail. We guide you through the RPA and answer any questions you may have.


Confirmation of Your Approval

You confirm that you agree with the terms and want to proceed.


Submit the Online Application

You submit the online application. 


Begin Trading

You begin to trade.